GlobillCSP helps you to profitably manage your customer lifecycle with a platform built exclusively for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

With GlobillCSP, you can sell, provision, rate, bill, collect and service your customers with none of the operational headaches you find with a ‘DIY’ approach.

We make it incredibly simple to run and operate your cloud service:

We have brought together all the components required to rate Azure usage and bill Cloud services, to enable a complete end-to-end solution for customer lifecycle management. You no longer need to spend time and money purchasing, integrating and administering multiple providers into your operation. And because we understand Microsoft’s system requirements completely, we’ve made sure GlobillCSP fully integrates with their global platform. So whatever country, language or currency you’re operating in, GlobillCSP will deliver for you. GlobillCSP runs on Azure, so this is an infrastructure-lite software solution, requiring minimal hosting costs.

It’s totally flexible; you can choose to buy the complete solution or to integrate your existing capabilities seamlessly into our solution should it better suit your needs. You can also choose to wrap your own products and services around the Microsoft cloud solution, all supported by GlobillCSP.

“The GlobillCSP team was able to tailor their core solution to our exact business needs, enabling us to create diverse offerings and bundles. This has allowed us to capture significant market share.”

- Paroshen Naidoo, Commercial Director, Aeonova360

We strive to make the complex simple for you, and save you time.

With GlobillCSP you can:

 - Produce individual subscription reconciliation reports faster than having a cup of coffee!

- Reduce new customer onboarding time by up to 50%

- Complete the entire billing process for 10,000 customers within 30 minutes.

- Complete new orders, onboard new customers and generate offers, promotions, quotations and trials quickly.

Putting you in control of achieving profitable growth:


With GlobillCSP you can complete billing and invoicing effortlessly, and with efficient customer onboarding and simple management of reseller relationships and commissions, you are firmly in control of all elements of revenue management.

20%: Our GlobillCSP customers are 20% more profitable now they are using our platform.
35%: GlobillCSP customers spend 35% less on administration costs now they are using the platform.

“Our customers are realising tremendous operational value from using our solution – by helping them align to industry best practice.”

- Alkesh Singh, Chief Executive, GlobillCSP

We’re trusted by Cloud Solution Providers to manage their end to operations

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