11 Ways GlobillCSP can add value to YOUR business

1. Easily Onboard Customers

Start with pre-onboarding and create a pool of leads.

Interact with leads by offering quotes and trials.

Create customers and add cloud subscriptions.

Access the open catalogue which includes all types of products and services such as cloud, hardware, 3rd party products and more.

2. Seamless Leads, Quotations, Trials and Order management

Use the quote estimator to create customised quotations.

Create new customers and instantly move from leads or quotations to activating customers.

Automatically subscribe customers from trials with the opt-in or opt-out feature upon trial expiration.

Deliver orders timeously with smooth workflow processes.

3. Service Catalogue: maintain control of your profits and sales growth

Create flexible packages in the open catalogue.

Utilise pricing strategies for each item or package by using the various configurable pricing models in the open catalogue.

Offer discounts by tier, once-off, at a flat rate or absolute; per subscriber or per group.

Apply automatic discounting within the catalogue and set limits for an automatic deactivation of the discount based either on time periods or the amount of discounts.

Create fixed money value discount or percentage discount off the actual prices of items.

Bundle products and services that could be relevant to a particular target market.

Create a customized bundle and launch with a click of a button.

4. Create promotions and new offerings with ease

Capture your customers’ attention and leave them always anticipating more. Release promotions periodically based on discounts or specifically to customers based on their subscription status or subscription period.

Campaign Management targets your new and existing customers and helps you cross-sell and up-sell.

Create market segments and connect with your customers via email, sms and posts to your social media timeline directly from Globill Cloud.

5. Save time with efficient Service Provisioning

The Globill Cloud solution provisions automatically or manually at element or granular levels.

Real-time provisioning allows you to activate and edit customer subscriptions.

Identify and act on failed transactions with continuous monitoring of activities with our easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

Make use of templates for repeatable execution.

Configure notifications in multiple languages.

Customizable notification templates.

6. Create, manage and configure your Metering & Charge-back processes.

Health checks

Optimise and manage business functionality by always knowing the status of your cloud service.

Receive regular health checks in real-time from your service provider.

Automatically send notifications to your customers.

Cloud usage data collections

Collect usage data at various definable periodic rating cycles.

Rate at fixed, consumption-based or use charge-back models in real-time or at later stages.

Hybrid clouds rate usages across multiple products and sources.

7. Effortlessly do your Billing & Invoicing

Automated Billing

The robust billing engine has the ability to bill laaS, Paas and SaaS offerings.

Bill at various definable frequencies.

Easily switch your business internationally with the multi-currency and multi language feature.

Your profits can be affected by fluctuations in currencies, receive notifications when there is a significant difference in your converted selling price.

Define rules and set schedules to bill groups of customers.

Schedule billing dates according to customer preferences or subscription activation dates.

One Invoice

Extract information and generate one invoice from multiple sources either for an individual customer or a group of customers.

Add taxes to invoices.

Integration into 3rd party invoice system.

Customisable invoice with customer re-branding.

8. Improve your Revenue Management

Eliminate cash flow discrepancies

GlobillCSP automatically synchronises your customer accounts by integrating directly into any 3rd party financial system.

Track, monitor and reconcile your monthly revenue with historic revenue.

Automatically see payments received

Automate payments received from customers by sending instructions to directly debit their accounts or use other payment gateways.

Dunning helps you separate outstanding payments. Send out reminder notifications at definable intervals and eventually automatically deactivate the defaulting customer.

9. CRM of the future, now

Maintain high quality customer relationship standards. Control customer subscriptions, renewals, support and plan changes.

View subscriptions status, billing information, invoices and payments.

Manage various communications from your self-service portal or contact centre.

The integrated ticketing system logs, controls and manages all types of customer communications.

Scribe notes and route queries to the relevant people for action.

10. Reseller Management made simple

Manage your Reseller network from Globill Cloud. Onboard resellers and manage orders through an automated end to end process.

Supports multiple levels of resellers such as internal or external sales agents.

Choose various configurations for commission payments and make payments per reseller or per offer.

Resellers have access to their own portal allowing them to manage their customer lifecycle independently and use similar functions such as quotes, trials, customer order management, etc.

Automatically synchronise commissions with integration into your payroll system.

Resellers can customise templates for quotes, notifications, and more.

11. Cloud Storefront that’s built with your customer in mind

Give customers the freedom to purchase products and services at their leisure with our web-based storefront.

Supports multiple languages and currencies.

Customers can register online with the availability of an online help function.

They can view the open catalogue and purchase products and services all in one place.