Enabling lightning-quick speed to market for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

Our customers estimate that building this entire process themselves would take more than 1 year. Once you sign up with GlobillCSP, we can have you fully up and running within just a few days and then further configure the software to meet your specific needs. This will enable you to integrate your own offerings to build market differentiation.

A platform designed for direct and indirect CSPs

GlobillCSP comprises a suite of capabilities and applications that are accessed by the Solution Provider, the Reseller and end user Customers. So whether you’re a direct or an indirect CSP, GlobillCSP is designed for you.

Globill Converged

Enables end-to-end customer lifecycle management for service providers (ISPs, Telcos, VOIP, Fiber etc.)

Accurate metering

Reduces vulnerability to fraud and human error


Sell, provision, rate, bill, collect and service your customers with ease

Reconciliation function

Support for your customer relationship management (CRM) function

Flexible service catalogue management

Affordable and flexible pricing

GlobillCSP’s pay-as-you-grow consumption economics allow Cloud Solution Providers to affordably manage their customer lifecycle.
With just a minimal upfront investment to get you started, this helps you scale as your subscriber base grows, without the costs
required to build, integrate or administer a ‘DIY’ model. Hosted on Azure, GlobillCSP is a software platform that requires no hardware
costs, just an initial 12 month contract. And because we charge you in a revenue share model, you pay us just a small percentage of
your Microsoft commission when you sell.

A secure, resilient, scalable platform

We understand that platform security is of paramount importance for you and your customers. At the same time, you need to ensure
the security of data and transactions for your customers. That’s why security is at the heart of everything we do.
We’ve built a secure, resilient end-to-end platform that you can rely on. Our focus is on ensuring alignment to Microsoft’s continuing
CSP evolution and build this into our agile development approach. We employ role-based access control and SSL certificates. Leveraging
Microsoft Azure secure hosting and high-availability provides bullet-proof application security.

“GlobillCSP encompasses a great deployment methodology, backed by excellent technical capability.”

- Srini Moodley, Genband Africa, VP Africa Region

Guaranteeing an exemplary user experience

We can ensure that your customers enjoy an amazing experience. Our storefront is built with customers in mind. Once they are
introduced to your cloud service, they will benefit from how easy it is for you to create quotations, offer them trials, and complete an
order. GlobillCSP helps you to onboard new customers quickly, and offer them promotions and new offerings with ease.

“GLOBILLCSP has helped us reduce our monthly billing process from a few days to just a few minutes”

- Steve Johnson, IT Operations