Bill Monthly, Quarterly, Annually and Once-off services:

Flexible options to bill your clients according to their preferences, enhancing your business's cash flow management. Bill for once-off services and products as they are required, providing superior service to customers.

Bills in Multi-currency and Multi-language:

Our solution caters for businesses with a global expansion path. GlobillCSP caters for billing in various currencies and languages to avoid communication breakdowns and inaccurate bill calculations. These functions are specifically beneficial when converting the dollar price on the CSP re-seller price list to your local currency.

Reconcile CSP bill to Microsoft Partner Invoice:

Track your payments and cash flow effectively using GlobillCSP to compare what you’ve billed clients, and what Microsoft has billed you for. Reconciliations done for license and usage based services. Dollar price reconciliation provides improved accuracy with continual currency conversion, comparing apples to apples.