Ticketing and Escalation:

Our user-portal provides for 360-degree customer view, enabling easy access to customer information and supporting quicker response times. Our system also allows you to link valuable information to customers or subscriptions directly, by simply attaching action notes which can easily be spotted by their unique ticket numbers. Escalate support requests to the relevant recipients according to their priority ratings.

White Labelled Storefront:

Engage with customers through a tailor-made e-commerce site and self-service portal, creating a customer experience which resonates with client requirements. Simple online shopping experience with an integrated payment gateway allowing for new services, upgrades and downgrades with immediate access.

BI Analytics:

GlobillCSP offers full reporting and analytics which can be configured to suite the data you require to improve your cloud offering. Make key decisions based on accurate historical data, current trends and forecasts to add maximum value to your business operations and products. Reports can be scheduled and assigned to the relevant stakeholders, automating the transfer of business-critical information.